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The Process of Alternative Investing

We provide investors with access to compelling alternative investments. All are carefully selected for their potential to deliver better returns than traditional mainstream investments.

UK Assets Group has refined our investment process on the behalf of our clients to eliminate the headache of hours of research and the general uncertainty of forging a new relationship with an investment or financial services provider. We do all of the hard work, so you don’t have to. Our tried and tested investment process involves:

  1. The identification of a potential alternative investment opportunity.
  2. To conduct extensive investment research.
  3. To conduct extensive market research.
  4. The establishment of relationships with the investment providers.
  5. An impartial and clear presentation of the opportunity to prospective and existing clients.
  6. Facilitating and handling all of the investment administration.
  7. The continuous monitoring of the market and asset class.
  8. The identification of potential exits.
  9. The facilitation of potential exits.
  10. The reinvestment or distribution of profit.

We repeat this tried, tested and proven investment process for each and every one of the opportunities we bring to our clients’ attention. By completing each of these stages to the best of our ability, we can ensure that only the highest rated and most suitable investment opportunities are presented in order to achieve the highest levels of capital growth, income or, in some cases, both.


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Our 2023 guide to alternative investments delves into frequently asked questions in the space and gives an insight into UKAG, who we are and our mission.

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